Let go

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.


How dark is the night
When you can’t find the light
Who searches for light
When it is dark anyway?

Hold the hand of the ghost you fear most
Or it will forever haunt you wherever you go
There is no failure, embarrassment, abandonment, rejection or success you haven’t faced yet
You shall overcome
Make peace with who you become
A picture on a wall
of a million memories
less spoken,
Of course it will hurt
But just for a minute
Like a dagger digging for bones
Underneath your skin

It is not easy when you thought you would be on the sidewalk
And spend your time running on the road with traffic and trucks and there are no pines marked - just chaos
Are you worried your soul will be bruised and tattered by the time you get there
Of course it will
You’ll lose more until
You find all you have lost is your soul
And it was not yours to hold onto

Let go
More than what were you holding on to
Let go until the darkness finds you in the headlights like a surprised deer
That is what we all do
Wait for the light to find you


You are on fire today with all your lyrics! Awesome!