Shine through the cracks

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.


Shine through the cracks

V2: When the night is at it’s darkest
Don’t hide in the shadows
Look up and find the stars
You are not the only one
Feeling alone in the crowd
Hiding behind a smile
That just kills you inside

PC: Your time will come little one, little one
To be what you’ve become, you’ve become

C: Shine through the cracks
Because you are beautiful
Who sees in you
what the Master beholds
Shine, shine, just shine

V2: When it feels like the light won’t find you
When the silence becomes too loud
Of not being able to sing through
All the noise
Don’t be afraid to walk through the forest
Of yesterdays and memories that fails
You are weathered on purpose to reveal
You are connected to Source

B: So stand in the rain
Reach out to the pain
Embrace what hurt before
It’s the only way to heal scars making you stronger
Telling your story of a life lived, loved, and abundantly broken and scattered across the universe in lightyears beyond.