The Last dream

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

well- it's good to churn disappointment into depressing songs: I was feeling too happy to get into it, but now my 'happy' problem is certainly fixed


The Last dream

This is my last dream
I can’t afford to mess up
it hurts so much
to know I’ve been weighed
and did not measure up.

Was all that I was giving
just simply not enough
or was it perishable
just past it’s sell buy date?

When I look at the mountains
and I hear the crow sigh
I know the day is ending
and the night is nearby

be on the lookout for shadows
for echoes in the night
that remind you of losing
and how much it cost

sleep, sleep a restless sleep
deep, deep is the grave you’ll dig


Great flow! I had to laugh though because I read "cow sigh" instead of crow! Then I had an image of a cow sighing:)