The Traveller

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

Just lyrics for now.


The traveller

I feel Anxious
Like somethings gonna happen
Like someone is watching me
Judging me
And measuring me too light

Who is guilty?
What is the charge?
There’s no turning back now
When the dice falls

I hope you remember
The good with the bad
There’s some kind of balance
I know life isn’t fair just sad.

Do hear the lub-dub?
This heart Beating
Do you see the mess?
The blood on the floor.

When I close my eyes
But I am awake
I see it in front of me
Like it is bright day

We swabbed up the fluids
We mopped up the remains
Of what used to be
A love, a life lived, or so they say

I looked in the graveyard
But no tomb or grave was ready
I was just empty, empty, empty
Digging deeper into earth I did not belong in

I did not win the prize
But at least I was in the queue
Letting go of what was not even mine
Pretend it didn’t matter -what I was eagerly expecting

So where to from here
When tears are cheap and plenty
Where shall I go to find
What the Hell I am here for?

When all is lost
And there is still breath in me
Was it my life’s cost
Is it air and blood wasted?

Do not linger longer, my friend
Here where I kneel and say my prayers.
Who needs a weathered traveller
Who knows the end is near.


A real pilgrim on a pilgrimage! Lovely lyrics


Whoa Marthie! This is intense and wonderful!