Late to the Skirmish

by @sammiall

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

No Demo yet - I have it recorded rough in pieces, but not at all clean. I did make it timing-wise Sunday night to get the prompt (in the last ten minutes of the hour) - but had no time I could work on it until late last night, then melody & chords with morning coffee. #sundayskirmish #skirmish #songskirmish @andygetch


Late to the Skirmish
~ Sammi ~

Looking for you now in my mem’ry, in my mind
Seeing the days we spent, all of those times
I could talk to you, ____ you could talk to me____
Felt like a friendship you pulled out from under
Never realized that would be the last summer
When I talked to you, ____and you talked to me____

Sometimes we arrive so late to the skirmish
With all that weight of the world on our back
Mangled by the problems and believing in earnest
You had the solution, Girl_______
You’d help me untangle this world

And seeing you did clear up the chaos and doubt
But when it went dark, I couldn’t straighten that out
Learned I was wrong____ You really meant to be gone____
We were serious friends, until we suddenly weren’t
I could not understand the kind of visceral hurt
That came with losing you, ____ I miss your family too____

But I must have arrived too late to the skirmish
With all that weight of the world on my back
Tangled by the problems and believing in earnest
You were the solution, Girl_______
Now I’m still carrying the weight of the world

All rights reserved ©Sammi Allinder


This lyric ironically captures the vibe of the much longer Vonnegut dialogue quote. Oh how this takes me back to some friendships that ended abruptly. Some of them I'm still trying to figure out what happened. I'm looking forward to hearing the music. Well done on the lyric and thanks for playing!