Exercise Song #3

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

#exercise_music #old_school #house

More music to sweat it out to. Get those knees up and stretch those arms out! Core tight!

This was originally meant for the skirmish yesterday for the "Dance" prompt, but I looked over at my stopwatch and it was already 30 min over and I was nowhere near satisfied with what I had. So I walked away and decided to just jump in on a different skirmish down the road.
Came back today and decided to mess with it a little more and did more stuff to it. I'm good with it in this form. Needs some timing tweaks with the vocal chops, but eh.


This is high impact get your groove on music. Got my heart rate up just listening. I need this in my workout playlist! Love it.


I'm really enjoying this exercise series! High-energy and perfect for working out (or, as I'm doing right now, just grooving in my chair). Just pure, beat-infused fun.


Excellent vocal workout! It's hard to keep vocals moving like this, and have it stay exciting - awesome! This is the part of the work out where the hands are waving in the air and the strobe is going crazy. High energy, old school big time vibe - raw sounding - dancefloor crazy! Love it!


Oh yes that's old school house from the 90s. The time where everything sounded a bit like techno and rave. Completely nailed that feel. The vocal samples take you back in time!


Yoooo ! That's groovy !
Motivational music for gym people to work out to 😄


OK my heart rate is 90 with peaks of 120. Jumpin', hoppin' slide dancin' then at 1.38 that bass synth kicks in...I am exhausted . My Fitbit has redlined. Get the Voltaren I'll need it in the morning.


Now if this were going to be a live performance, I’d call Martha Walsh. And then I’d get some of The Solid Gold Dancers. You see where this is headed yes? World tour dude. See the potential and then live the potential! I’m gonna hit u up about the vocal samples.


Keep um coming ! I think I'm getting fitter:-) impossible not jump around this! These are cool samples.z


Love the vocal samples at 0.45 and 0.58 lol fun and hip lol. I'm digging these exercise songs! Much better than listening to billboard songs when working out. I'm going outside now to run lol


There's only one thing I don't like about this - it stops about 4 minutes too soon. I love the layered vocal samples building up and the fact you don't really bring anything other than those and percussion in until nearly the 2 min mark.