Phasers On Standby

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

Last night in the Tuesday Zoom chat some (okay two) of us were discussing how we were kind of stuck today. I talked about doing #music_first and maybe getting my #drummachine off the shelf. My usual is lyrics first. Music and lyrics at the same time is a blessing when it happens, however, that blessing is rare for me. I also wanted to experiment with a new-to-me #open_tuning on guitar, so I tuned to an open F FACFAC, on a parlor guitar, and played in standard on a second guitar track, then added #bass. At that point it felt like a lot of sameness and at five minutes to make it a little more interesting to me I felt like splitting the song into one minute-ish segments with as many Garageband effects on a duplicate of each of the three basic tracks (drum machine/guitar, guitar, bass) with a #phaser for the #avatar_challenge. The title occurred to me at the end as I was twiddling with the track levels and I decided to let this be an #instrumental recording.


How could I resist a title like that? A gently chilled instrumental like this is always fun to listen to, and the tuning gives this an interesting twist. I've not tried open F tuning, but this is making me think that I should. Sounds like you got past your block in style.

And this reminds me that I've got an ancient ElectroHarmonix Small Stone pedal kicking around somewhere in the studio. And I mean *ancient*—it's older than quite a few of the participants here. I think I need to dig it out and give the swirl a whirl...


This is a really nice piece. It swells, it steadily develops as it goes and kept me in it. I'm particularly fond of that acoustic guitar, leading the way and getting swept through the other layers with the phaser and fuzz but coming out the other end victorious. With the bass hits and the drum machine rocking back and forth in the L+R channels it all feels very live and inviting. Very very nice.


This was very enjoyable. Nicely done!


Dreamy, psychedelic, super chill. Love all the various effects that come in throughout. This works very well as an instrumental, very meditative.


very chill. enjoyed the headspace!


I want to listen in better speakers once I get home (cheap little work computer speakers) but wow, did I enjoy this vibe! The percussion drove the song--the swirling guitar filled the sweet spaces. Art rock! Psychedelia. Nice!!


Yes it's swirling in my headphones also...great phaser sound. I may try this myself.
Nice one


Fuzzy said it best, but I really like how the sound just swirrrrrls around in my headphones so much.


I always love your woozy off-kilter sounds in my headphones.
Love the genius title.
And the shifting effects always keep this interesting.
This has a really Drone-y hypnotic quality to it.
You know what?
You could do this kind of thing for an entire album's length and it would be great.
It would be an Ambient masterpiece.
I totally loved listening to this for sure.


hell yeah! psychedelic, but also dubby! groove is in the pocket! guitar is so nice - the progression/changes are really interesting. it feels like an experimental beatles track - the panning noise in the background is cool - it all worked a treat!


It's fun how a phaser can make a song sounds retro and psychedelic. That tuning sounds nice. Maybe someday I try but for now only E and drop D cause I'm still learning!


Phasers went from tickle to stun and back again. This was a really nice listen. I have to agree with Catherine in it sounding old and retro yet fresh. A nice journey that I think works great as an instrumental.


Andy, good for you for trying something different. I usually go lyrics first, and I need to get out of that box. FACFAC tuning? Wow!


This track has a great mood to it, cool and easy to listen to. It could of gone on for longer and I still would of liked it. The ending guitar after the effects fade out is great as well, trying something new paid off!


I love the cool, trippy feel to this. It feels retro but doesn't feel old and I connect with that a lot. This was a pure joy to listen to and the time just flew by. Very nice work!