Searching For The Young Buick Drivers

by @kurtiskanttila

Liner Notes

This is another unfinished song I recorded right after "Miata Girl".

I work in strange ways. When I get stuck on one song I lose my momentum completely. I have a melody and lyrics for this but I haven't been able to give it a good vocal performance. Every time I've tried recording my vocals it hasn't sounded right, like I don't have the confidence in the lyrics I wrote for it.

So this song has sat round since July 17th, the latest real thing I've recorded. So I figured I would just share the instrumental because I think it's actually pretty solid and I'm very happy with how it turned out. I hope I can sing on it soon.

The title and lyrics are simply based on my new car, a 1992 Buick Roadmaster that I got a couple months ago.
I love it! It's a way better version of my first car, a '95 Chevy Caprice. Original owner kept it well and only sold it because he got too old to drive. All I had to do was slap on my rally wheels and get a new tape deck for it and boom, good to go. Buick is typically thought to be for old people so the idea of a gathering of young people who drive these boats is amusing to me.

Since this instrumental is better than average for me I hope I can sing on it at some point. I'm lost musically right now, these things come and go.

#rocknroll #instrumental


(Intended Lyrics)

Hello Buick drivers
How nice to meet you
They serve good food here
and wash your dentures too

But a retirement home
Is no place for me
So I'm looking for Roadmasters
Under 33

Get on, and join our ice cream cruise
Come on, you got nothing to lose
Grand National, LaCrosse and Park Avenue
Add the LeSabre to make Young Buick Crew

This ain't my Grandpa's car
Though it's older than me
I used to drive a Chevy
Caprice, but that's history

So I got this big boat
and a new identity
Call me the Buick Boy
I'll get over it eventually

Get on, and join our ice cream cruise
Come on, you got nothing to loose
Regal, Reatta and Rendezvous?
Might as well add to Enclave to make the Young Buick Crew


Definitely solid! This thunders along in grand style and that raucous harmony guitar solo brings it all home. Nice wheels, too. And top marks for rhyming "identity" with "eventually." I can't really comment on the Buick thing; the only car I can remember driving back when I lived in Tampa was a Pontiac Sunfire but there may well have been a Caprice in there, too. Oh, and and an Oldsmobile with a bench front seat, which made me feel like I'd travelled back in time to the 1950s...


Congratulations on the new car! I played a track now just a minute. Sounds great I love rock and roll music. The drums really drive this tune it's cool. Nice guitar work on this too. Yes it's a decent bed track for vocals. Okay it's over now it sounded good great job on this


Nice rocking track! Love the title!


Cars like this, especially really ones are great for inspiration! The lyrics look fine, but they will only be right when you are happy with them. Great rocking track as it is!


Love the inspiration behind this!
Man, to luck up on an old good vehicle owned by someone who took good care of it like this one...that's the best. I bet you the price was good, too.
What a boat, indeed. Looks great.
I see you tend to gravitate to classic boats lol...coming from a Caprice? Such memories for me personally with these particular vehicles.
Anyway, I'm rolling along with the music here - cause that's the feel it gives, rolling/driving. Perhaps that's due to your lyrics or the subject of the song, or perhaps its do the the great sound of everything you're playing here. Grand National...great shout out there!
I love all the car call-outs.
"looking for Roadmasters under 33" lol
That would be a sight to behold...younger folks all cruising in big Buicks. I love it.
Yeah great sounding track here; excellent all around from mix to instrumentation to feel. It just rocks along and stands perfectly as an instrumental, in my opinion.
Gonna be even radder with your vox.
Creative slumps suck; as you say, though, they come and go. So hope yours goes soon.


Gosh, I miss being able to play tapes in my car.
Can't even play CDs, just stupid mp3's.
Yeah, great rokker here for sure.
Super nice instrumental; I really like your drumming and the active bass work.
Love that ending.
Well done!


This kicks beautifully, I honestly love this just as an instrumental. That said, very interested to hear it with the vocals as well


Thr backing is ace. I love how your drum playing improved. These fills are just at the right time and I like these melodic guitar bits in the breakdown. Fingers crossed that your voice settles soon. Maybe it's worth sending a take to a good friend and let them see if it's OK the performance or if the breathing pauses or melody let you struggle.


Where've you been? I think these lyrics are fine, and I love the dentures line. Musically, it's all good, too: poppy rock with cool bass and a killer "Thunderstruck"-like guitar part at the 2:00 minute mark. If you're stuck, try writing on a different instrument, particularly one you're not too proficient on. Will give you a new perspective and ideas!