No Busy-Bragging

by @pianoonthepatio

Liner Notes

Made this using only my laptop keyboard for musical typing and felt cool lol. I used some loops to pair with orchestral instruments, synths and an Asian-sounding guitar from Spitfire LABS.

I'm curious to know what your favourite instrument/effect plugin is for beat-making or composing! Feel free to comment your suggestions down below.

[ Keywords ]
Dizzy, Tired, Drive, Ambition, Motions, Highstrung, Realization

[ Inspo ]
- lofi hip hop beats with Asian elements like this one


- this article

[ Story ]

The main character has a habit of overpacking her schedule and has been burning out easily. She tends to feel like she's not doing enough if she's not busy.

Someone living a few blocks from where she lives is selling his Monstera potted plant today. She picked it up after a long day at work by foot to save a couple of bucks. Not a good idea.. it was very hot outside today. The pot is heavy. She's getting dizzy. She enters a bar after dropping it off at her house to wind down. It's hard. Her mind is on all the things she needs to do because she was procrastinating on them before and has been avoiding them for weeks.

People are suffering from an epidemic of busyness. We're also suffering from an epidemic of people talking about how busy they are. Moaning about one's schedule has become, for some, a mark of social status. Yet still, some of the most important items on the to-do list still manage to not get completed.

The business is real, but the main character is going to try not to make being busy her whole personality.

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Love this journey through different scenes :)


Great feel to this, and congrats on trying the all electronic side!


Oh my - this is *gorgeous*! Splendidly woozy groove, and when that guitar lick drops in, it's perfect. More of this sort of thing, please!

My all-time favourite synth plugin would have to be Arturia's "Pigments" synth. It's incredibly powerful and the interface is brilliantly designed (I can't think of a better sequencer interface, and it can incorporate randomness into just about every parameter.) And it's on sale at half price until Thursday. Just sayin'.


Very cool and calming.


Nice groove and onward!!