I Thought Seeing You Would Somehow Would Clear Up All Sorts Of Problems

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

Sunday night #skirmish (write a song in an hour to a prompt), #songskirmish, #S080722b, #ithoughtseeingyouwouldsomehowclearupallsortsofproblems #vonnegut

Guitar tuned down a half step D#G#C#F#A#D#
Chords: D#m(Em) - o22ooo; D#madd9add13(Emadd9add13) - o44ooo; D#m7(Em7) - o55ooo;
D#madd11(Emadd11) - o77ooo; Fm7(F#m7) - 244222; C#(D) - xxo232; G#(A) - xo222o; F#(G) - 32ooo3;


Verse 1
[D#m(Em)] Not enough money in the bank
[D#madd9add13(Emadd9add13)] Lost my job at the non-profit think tank
[D#m7(Em7)] Nothing to do so I wandered here today
[D#madd11(Emadd11)] Feeling like I took a wrong turn after I lost my way

[Fm7(F#m7)] I thought [D#m(Em)] seeing you would [C#(D)] somehow clear up [D#m(Em)] all sorts of problems
[Fm7(F#m7)] We had [D#m(Em)] happy times, but [C#(D)] somehow I've [D#m(Em)] magnified and embellished them
[F#(G)] We had disagreements, not [B(C)] surprising how I've [F#(G)] forgotten them, again
[Fm7(F#m7)] I thought [D#m(Em)] seeing you would [C#(D)] somehow clear up [D#m(Em)] all sorts of problems

Verse 2
[D#m(Em)] I hear a thunder clap echo in the pouring rain
[D#madd9add13(Emadd9add13)] Oak tree flashes to black and I'm seeing flames
[D#m7(Em7)] My mind wanders to protected memories of yesterdays
[D#madd11(Emadd11)] Shielding feelings of long lost pains

[G#(A)] The roof is leaking forest green down the walls
[C#(D)] I've stopped believing blue skies were once full
[F#(G)] But I'm not conceding indigo as I live in this lull
[G#(A)] Hearing Vonnegut's player piano what I've lost is [D#m(Em)] inconceivable

Repeat Chorus
[Fm7(F#m7)] I thought [D#m(Em)] seeing you would [C#(D)] somehow clear up [D#m(Em)] all sorts of problems (repeat and fade)


Flanger on steroids! I sense an early Jefferson Airplane vibe her.
With echoes of the Velvets thrown in.
Some striking images (the roof leaking forest green down the walls etc).


This is really good. I found myself wanting to hear that chorus again after I first heard it. Well that was delivered to me three/four/fivefold, so, happy.


I completely dig these harmonies. And the lyrics are heavy. Especially loved the lost my job at the think tank. Andy how could you ever come with such creative rhymes and ideas?! My favourite from you this festival.


Really like the sound of this and vocal effects, lyrics show the challenges of these problems and that they have not been cleared up.


This is like the offspring of a beat poem and a Greatful Dead jam. That is a great neighourhood to be in.


I've been meandering into the psychedelic feel bit so I like this a lot! Darned good lyric as well!


Some nice thinking lyrics, Andy. Love that opening verse! Interesting how it presents that feeling of loneliness and despair, and fab how you carry that all through to the end. Great images throughout!


The troubled audio works with the troubled lyric. It is quite obvious that no problems were cleared up.
Thanks for hosting.


This is great! It has a real punk vibe. I wondered how it might sound at a faster tempo, so I tried listening to it on 1.5x speed and that was really cool too! I can't decide which way I like it better. Both are great.