Invasive Alien Species 1787

by @janeg @tuneslayer

Liner Notes

Wojciech Solarz, a biologist at the Polish Academy of Sciences, has been getting some push-back after declaring cats an alien invasive species. Seems his criteria would fit humans even better. And that humans are responsible for far more loss of birds and other wildlife than cats. #science #cats

EDIT 9-Aug by @tuneslayer: Jane and I first met over a decade ago. She's one of the few FAWMers I've managed to meet in real life. She does fun and interesting lyrics, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to put this one to music. #collaboration #band_in_a_box #think_about_it

And I am delighted with the music Creede created! I hope we can collaborate again.



I’m alien species 1787
A guy named Soarz has declared
It seems that you need a lesson
I’m surprised that he even dared

Poland now says I’m invasive
Having come from the Middle East
But you must admit I’m pervasive
700 million on Earth at least

How far back does your family tree go?
Oh, right, you probably don’t know

For ten thousand years and more
I’ve been taking care of your rats
I’ve trained you to take on the chore
Of feeding all the kittens and cats

So what if I kill some songbirds
While protecting your grain from mice
Eating lettuce would just be absurd
Those scientists need better advice

In Poland for over three thousand years
Welcomed into your caves and your huts
Curled up and purring on your chairs
Yet I’m the immigrant? That’s nuts

How far back does your family tree go?
Oh, right, you probably don’t know

Humans evolved in Africa I hear
So they’re alien everywhere else
Cause more wildlife to die, for sure
Label them invasive? I say yes

Yes, you may pet me; that’s the spot
And your indoor companion I’ll be
I’ll bring you some toy mice I’ve caught
In the evening I’ll lie on your knees

Feed me well and I’ll stay inside
The pretty birds won’t be at risk
My humans just have to provide
My favourite food and some milk

Keep trying to declare me a menace
We’ll do the same to all of you
You see if you try to condemn us
It’s a dangerous route to pursue

How far back does your family tree go?
Oh, right, you probably don’t know

I’m alien species 1787
And I hope you have learned your lesson



As far as humans being invasive species, I like to think we evolved in an area that is currently the Sahara desert (as we know for a fact much of the current size of the desert is due to early farming practices). If that's the case, not only are we invasive everywhere else, we destroyed our native habitat and then spilled forth to destroy the rest of Earth.

My kids are big fans of "save the planet by destroying all humans." I'm still working on nurturing their grit and perseverance, so right now folks are safe.


I read these awesome words a few days ago but couldn't listen to the music - so glad I finally got around to it! Old-time/ragtime - so jaunty and appropriate for the lyrics.
So much fun cat info! I've been more of a dog person most of my life, but lately I've taken to the outdoor cats - some, feral - that roam around our yard.


This, folks, is glorious. The arch superciliousness of the line "that's right, you probably don't know" is pure cat. And that distant honky-tonk piano just adds to the delight. An absolute gem.


This is really wonderful story telling and really interesting! I had no idea! I love the personification of this wonderful cat! The musical delivery is absolutely perfect! I would say this would be great for another CATS musical, but this is better! My cat really likes it too!


That was fun. I read somewhere that you could say we humans are just the servants of plants. We have ensured the spreading of non-native species all over the planet, especially, but not exclusively, foodstuffs.
In my allotment 90% of our produce would not be in Europe if it hadn't been for the discovery of the "New World".


From today point I'd view its hard to understand the ideas from 2 or more centuries ago. What a cynic commentary with a cool instrumental. I enjoyed the honky tonk.


Hahahaha . . . Cats were worshipped as gods in Egypt 4000 years ago., They have not forgotten this.

I'll give this a shot and try to have something to you by Friday. How is it that FKO is doing events in August?


Brilliant biting commentary. And funny too. Well done. The world can never have enough #catcore


I read the article after reading your notes and lyric.
Clever idea for a potential song. Leaves much to think about.