Tigerwing Temple

by @jeustan

Liner Notes

Another #midi song drawn in piano roll
#latin #instrumental

I thought about writing lyrics. It doesn't come easy. But there's more kalimba.


Agree with @silvermediapro - this is an absolute Nintendo BOP!


I wish I knew How to animate. I would make a short video of dancing chickens. Or riding bikes through different landscapes. I picture so many images. It’s a really nice track.


I started smiling as the music starts. Funny and delightful. Love the bass 😊


Whoops, there go my shoulders!
Loving your midi stuff.
I have ZERO patience for using the piano roll in the DAW I use, for one thing the UI is so friggin small! So I always have mad respect for those of you who use that method. And then for it to sound THIS datgum'd good!
Love the repeats starting at 1:41, unique feel there against the original groove of the track - sounds so good.
The rhythm just period is so good throughout always making me wanna move.
Oh really dig the organ you bring in toward the end.
Fun fun fun all around from the drums, little melodies sprinkled here and there, and the happy danciness of the whole thing.
LOVE this.


game time groove. love it


Well who needs lyrics when you have more kalimba?!?
I'm doing a little chair-dancing here.
Mrs. Fuzzy is looking at me all funny now.
Really nice headphone mix.
I like the insistent organ line at about 1:40.
Great tune here for sure!


ooooooh i vibe to this bassline! reminds me of something you'd hear in diddy kong racing on the nintendo 64! πŸ˜„ very nicely done!


Not feeling very lyrical myself... Actually, I haven't been for the last few years, but it has always come and gone in spurts for me.

This is a lot of fun. I'm folding laundry and this is a perfect tune to shake your butt to while doing a little busy-work.


Always drawn to latin stuff. moving and motivational bass line! (motivation to dance, I mean) And that high energy, rapid fire section - cool!


Fun song. It grooves along nicely, plenty of energy and shift-ups. I like it. πŸ˜€


This was an enjoyable listen!