Asking for a friend/ la-di-da-di-dah/Third Person Narrative

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

hanging around in my lyric idea book. I am fooling around with narrators: this is third-person narrative.
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This is the first of three versions...


Asking for a friend/ la-di-da-di-dah

V: Everybody can be heroes
He thinks of all the fallen ones
He is tired- but for the right reasons
He knows he has given it his everything

Pc: He knows it’s time to wait
and watch the harvest come in.
He doesn’t underestimate himself
He reaches out for what he wants.

C: Asking for a friend
This is the soundtrack to his life
it goes la-di-da-di-dah,
He says there is
no need for money
no need to worry
he trusts the Universe with all his desires
while he sleeps in.

V2: The world needs more cheerleaders
He sees all problems as opportunities
He likes pretty things
looking and admiring them
To him every day is a surprise

B: He makes his problems bigger
before solving them
He is connected
He believes
He vibrates
He’ll take you by the hand and say,
“Little one, arise.”
“Talitha cumi,”


Love the uniqueness that the chorus brings to this lyric, and how that uniqueness is preceded by "This is the soundtrack of his life and it goes la-di-da-di-dah,
la-di-da-di-dah." Golden! (You should check out my "Yodelin' the Blues" chorus. Like minds, so to say.) Classic bridge you have here, too. Nice biblical reference within, well placed. All in the ch and b jibes so well with the verses. Great job! Thx for posting.