I know you still love me

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

I am copycatting a very sad song. And it is going to be a hell of a job trying to use that particular voice needed to deliver it. But all my other songs were too happy to make it work. LOL. So we'll see how this one goes... but now I have to wait for the house to be empty before I can record this and it is rugby today.


I know you still love me

V1: I wanted you to love me
cherish who I am, as I stand before you
I understand that you want to see through my actions that I care about you
but again and again I disappoint you.

V2: but if I have to earn your love every time
and endure the tiptoeing around your needs
then I hate you, because everything inside me is tearing
because for you nothing I do is ever enough.

Pc: My life is passing
and I'm discouraged
with bottles of wine
to which I cling for my comfort
I want to forgive you
about how you make me feel
helpless and useless
past tense

C: In the morning I smell your coffee offering
Taste how the moment passes
swimming in dishwater
and tar burnt gasoline
If I could just have a little more
of you and your time for me
we stay together for the sake of survival
we stay together because I know you still love me

B: because look how weathered we’ve grown together
but still I need you
come walk here beside me
then we’ll try again
brave the hurt
before the neighbors clap
about what they are not understanding


This is sad! I feel as if I'm the one experiencing it all. So vivid!