Happy endings take time/ It’s ok to be who you are

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

This one turned out to be religious as well. Sometimes you have to stop yourself from being so impatient to get to perfection tomorrow! And impress people with what you are not good at- and you don't even realize.
and you might note that I am a self-talker: me and myself have looooong (heated)conversations!
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Happy endings take time/ It’s ok to be who you are

V1: You must start worrying.
when you speak to yourself in the third person
Loose the mentality of scarcity.
What you have is good enough already

Pc: Failure makes you sad
as a human,
as a friend,
as a sister,
as a carer,
as a money-maker,
as a child of a parent who had expectations
All you can do know is look ahead.

C: It’s ok to be who you are
Celebrate! be proud – you‘ve come this far!
just double down on what you are good at
Strut your stuff – relax, shed the avatar
stop trying so hard because
Happy endings take time.

V2: Rock-bottom is sometimes
the best place to start
Creativity will set you free to be authentic
Silence gives your mind the wings to fly


B: This is my daily prayer for you
God has already accepted you
He is busy searching, looking for you
He wants to feed you and fuel you
Lead you to significance
He is watching you grow and come alive
Bare the fruit He intended.

Outtro: and if the ending aint happy yet
it’s a definite sign
that God is not finished with your story design.


Lovely write look forward to hearing it