God’s Plan

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

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I am reading through all my lyric ideas in the book I printed from my notepad notes. This is some notes from sermons I jotted down


God’s Plan

V: You are a hidden star
What makes you even more special is
that you don’t even know that you are.
My foot path becomes a highway
becomes a joyous journey
because you are here

Pc: What is the condition of your hearts?
The old is past
The new has come
This is what God is doing:
working on us,
working his plan

C: With God’s plan
we are so powerful
To pay attention
To understand and realise
To be Grateful,
be receptive or His grace and glory
Stop, look and go!

V2: My mouth hangs open
I am in awe and admiration
Not because I want to boast
But because I can see God’s work
And how one person
can really make a difference

B: Sometimes people open doors
to negative consequences
with God’s help
people can close those doors
and be restored again


How Providential! Got an email from my spiritual director sub speaking of God’s “Night vision” and the beautiful things He does even when things look dark.