What Do We Know About Sharks?

by @musicsongwriter

Liner Notes

Thank you @carleybaer for the inspiring theme. It was fun to compose about sharks :)

One of the ideas I had was that one of the people in a musical says: "I came to believe that you are a shark." Another person replies: "A shark? Did you say that I was a shark? What do you know about the sharks?" Music starts and the person accused of being a shark starts singing: "What do we know about sharks?" The singing and dancing with perhaps imitating sharks movements, etc. As instrumentals are open to suggestions, you might hear a different story. This could be about sharks swimming in waters. Cold waters? The sea? What can you imagine while listening? What do you think my music is about? Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts and ideas.

Please let me know if you would like to collaborate with me on a new version. I enjoy collaborating :)

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'What Do We Know About Sharks?' © 2023 Nadia Cripps. Music, Piano and Demo by Nadia Cripps.


What a dramatically effective and brilliantly composed and performed piece of music...
My mind began with images of sharks in the ocean, then turned to sharks in the boardroom, in finance and politics and that's when it really attacked!
I like that you invite the listener to use imagination. As I'm listening I hear the bass drone as the shark swimming beneath the surface, searching. The melody then becomes the surface, the waves, the boats, our talk about sharks. Nice drama in this piece.
I was walking towards the ocean the other day and thought about being in the water, and if a shark breached and attacked me, how I would have to fight it off while at the same time help it back into the ocean, petting it "good shark kitty, now back in you go". Your music always hits the spot!
Beautifully powerful just like a shark, one of the most misunderstood creatures on planet Earth.