Exercise Song #2

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes


Had one of those nights where I sat at the DAW and just kept scrapping stuff.
I ended up with this for my exercise playlist.
But I seem to be stuck in a time period and certain style associated with that. So much so that I feel I can't make anything else anymore.
I've also realized whenever I make dancey music, its this kind of old school 80s/90s stuff. I mean...I DO like making it, but I just feel like I'm becoming kinda one-note at this point. Feels like I've lost my diversity.
Oh well, at least this is good to cardio to.


Jamming! I really like the energy of this, and yes, it feels 90s, but it's a *good* 90s. Lots of fun, and very enjoyable (and great to do dance / cardio to)!


You shouldn't feel bad about doing old school house music. Lots of people my age (+10 years) stopped listening to modern stuff because they want THIS back! Simple, experimental, upbeat. You could play around with filters snd effects, but this genre doesnt sound authentic if its too complex.

I'm stuck in the early 2000s and I don't care! There is so much good music in my era ❤️ and so many genres I haven't tried.


Man o man if this doesn't make you get up and dance...then check your pulse. Where is my head band. This would make a great wake up call song for the ISS...'cause is out of sight!!!!!!!


Nothing wrong with this one. Sounds cool! It does breathe some early 1990s vibes. Things that I associate with this style/era are: The sawtooth synth stabs, the claps in the percussion, the heavy use of hi-hats, a bass that plays only staccatto'ed notes, and male vocals with a clean sound. If I wanted to break out of this style, I'd try to replace these parts and see what it turns into.


So much of dance music is firmly rooted in the big macro-genres that appeared in the late 80s/early 90s that you're always going to hear them in everything. However, the change up at 1:40 in this track, for me, breaks out of the formula and so marks it as coming from a later period. This is another good dance track and you have a knack with vocal samples that is always great to listen to.


If I get fit I will mention you in dispatches, if I keel over I won't ha ha. Hard not to dance to this stuff. Great exercise stuff , but hey it's even better than that! Nice!