The Herons Are Flying

by @improvyssey

Liner Notes

Herons are magnificent birds. Great Blue Herons, in particular, are absolutely feathered dinosaurs, and watching them fly is half awe inspiring and half that feeling you get when you watch a Muppet try to be serious. The hammered dulcimer seems just about the right instrument to capture their essence.

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Love the song and the birds too.
The song has great movement and I can picture them flying (they have a unique way of flying).
We saw a handful of Blue Herons this Summer in Michigan while boating.

A pleasure to get hammered this morning, Thanks.


Great sounds! I agree, although these birds are at home around here, they always appear a little foreign, like visitors from an exotic land. The dulcimer's sounds do represent this well. In my mind, I associate them a lot with Asian stringed instruments, for whatever reason. And watching them fly is always giving me a neck ache, they're all like "so, let's fly, hm, how could I crumple up that neck so it doesn't get in the way?"