everybody knows mirrors lie

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

scratching around in my lyric idea books. Seemingly unrelated BIG NATURE things and then feeling small against it: glaciers, pearls, mirror images and then seeing how we live our lives. Yes! you are meant to feel small but also take up your unique place in the Bigger Universe. #ButterflyWings. MIrrors lie is actually a line I stole from another song I came across: Hey Fat I see you are back. Lol sometimes I have to laugh at myself and all the things I ponder and write about.
#Needs_Music #Needs_collab


everybody knows mirrors lie

barefoot over a mountain
where the wind will find me
and blow me down the other side.
where do glaciers go when they move?
Empty, insecure, self-conscious
there is no point in being anybody else than

what is a pearl
but layers and layers of comfort
around a single grain of painful sand?
discarded, used, worn and tattered
the loveliest, soulful one thing
you will experience in your life

mirrors lie, mirrors lie,
everybody knows mirrors lie
when the show is over
will you keep your last song for me?
be the scarce life-sustaining necessity
what you see here
is original

B: Show me your life in a nutshell
We show up
follow instructions
pay attention
stay calm
what inspires your heart
quench your thirst
be your kind of human first


Yes I agree with @coolparadiso regarding the pearl and how the greatest joy can come from the deepest sorrow. Beautifully written. I do have a musical idea for this one. May I have a go at this lyric too?


Thats a very interesting lyric, there is a lot in this! Love the pearl stuff, so relevant to a lot in life