If U Live Like A Sloth

by @mctown

Liner Notes

Just wrote some lines that might fit a short song that is slow.. lol.. Piddled round with garageband some... even tried to mix a little ...lol..Onward... saw the comment about slothcore... interesting.. to me, anyway..


The body was already liquified and mystified
one full to the brim with love and life
but the hurt and desperation churned on away
everyone could see the grief and tears run down his face

Walking...walking from the shelter through the sad snow
tomorrow will come and it will go
but if you live like a sloth
you'll never get what they've got
..if you live like a sloth


Thanks for hanging with me.....lol


I like the lurching, awkward quality to the music.
Great vocal effect.
Nice job.


Yeah well jumped on the slothwagon! I must admit i have struggled to do lyrics for a slothcore but others have! Either way this is a good lyric!