Crazy World

by @phlex @asterix @bettyhammer

Liner Notes

Started off with the intention of doing a pop hop track, but a funny thing happened when recording @asterix's vocal - we had put on autotune when recording it (so she could hear herself singing with the autotune effect), but then disabled autotune - and it revealed a riot grrl quality to the vocal. So anyway, once that was observed, we had to overdrive everything into oblivion and make a #weird #noise track instead.


it's a crazy world out there


riot grrl pop magic
This was seriously cool. You nailed it with the "overdrive everything into oblivion" which seems like a launching point for a great musical experience (as is evident here.)


Oh yeah, that's the ticket.
Those fat bass noises burping around there holds this together as the rest of it goes to town.
The vocals suit this music perfectly.
As @splittybooms said, your joy and fun really shines through in your tracks.
That music is crazy good.
I really like this one a lot.


The fun you three are having making music this 50/90 comes through so much in ya'll tracks.
Especially here.
The stream of consciousness feeling vocals with them matching the chaos of the music is keen.
But within that chaos, there's also order in the way of a subtle but somehow fat groove. I'm hearing and I'm vibing to it..somehow.
Kinda like this crazy world.
Yeah the way this song sounds captures the hectic, chaotic, confusing, loud, brash, uncertain, angriness....but at the same time it also captures that underlying..."I'ma just go with it" kind of beauty that is all too hidden. Its hidden but this track shines a light on it.
I hope that doesn't come off as jibbersih...I'm sleepy and the work week has been long and I'm feeling some kind of tonight lol


You guys went to town! I love it. I just wanna put this whole thing as my phone ringtone! :)