A Short Song

by @mctown

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

Well, mentioned short songs ..and I offered this to someone..and they've declined. Thought of it as a short one...a verse...long chorus..boom..


A Short Song David L Graham

This is a short song about the short story that was us
It started out with a very hot setting and some sweet love
But right there at the beginning when it seemed like winning
We looked at all the do’s that we had somehow misused

And it went BAM..with a bigtime SLAM ..
And Damn, we had no novel to plan
No life to lead…no reason to breed
Let’s face it…we erased it……
Deleted ..what we’d mistreated
And Bam, Slam, Damn it was done
A short song, but we got time for lunch...

there was a good reason we didn't give it a go
we started something without much thought of where it'd roll
yea, you wanted the sweet gimme's and I wanted them too
but if you jump on a train bound for destruction you lose

bridge..and sometimes when you muck it up.. you suck it up and learn...sometimes you just explode and burn..burn...


A short song gets longer...


thanks for the comments...


cute, funny and relatable. My twenties in a nut shell!


hehe... love it. Let me know when it's picked up. I'm sure there won't be an if.
Hugs, my friend.