Play it much louder

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

found this in my thousand ideas for song-lyric books. 150 words. It is always funny to me how people always think music should be free and done for exposure(or you do get paid 0.0001 cent for s stream... was that enough zero's after that comma?) It sometimes feels like you are the monkey dancing for people who want to clap and then tourist on, leaving your money-bucket empty.
But when all is quiet,,,, you will hear it.... another ZZZZZZZZZONG! #Oxygen
it's true: music picks you!
#Needs_Music #Needs_Collab


Play it much louder.

V: who is always going to
be there after midnight
take you on a journey of life
who are you going to turn up
louder than before
when you feel like
rocking the house
rocking the house

Pc: who is going to
rock you asleep tonight?
who do you listen to ,
go to
when you are happy,

C: Play it much louder
Or make it soft
Play it like you mean it
Match your mood or not.
Music is the answer
You’re found, you’re lost

V2: Who creates jobs
for the sound guy
the theatre sells liquor
gives you some place to go
on a Saturday night
Sponsored stages
hand out some free stuff
call out your name.
call out your name.

B: why music, why me?
You chose me
nobody cares
think music is free
doesn’t have to make money
or is it oxygen
taken for granted
until you choke without it?