by @mandolinda @srcoops

Liner Notes

Loved this lyric by @srcoops. Got out my #banjo and tried to make some music.


by @srcoops

The sun is up and shining
It's gonna be a pretty day
Put your sadness in your pocket
And get outside and play

Each day is filled with promise
Lots of good things are in store
The less you think of troubles
Your smile will show up more

The days that you are given
Will end in their own time
Use them to the fullest
Until the church bells chime


The lyrics of @srcoops are ready-made for music - I've worked with him many times. And they are wise, too.
What a wonderful musical rendering - banjo and vocal sound pure and timelessly folk-y. Great collab!


Love that banjo, and the lyrics also have the feel of an old folk song. Optimistic and fatalistic at the same time, comforting and carefree, this did give me a happy feeling. What a sweet little song.


I love the optimistic outlook and message conveyed in this wonderful lyric and the music has a wonderful folk feel. Great collaboration!


This is a wonderful, good feel song. I didn't want it to end. A chorus would be great to make it longer. Nice banjo picking Linda. I love a happy song. Nice collab!


The banjo is a good pick. I some know why it's sound makes me happy. And these lyrics carry a great happiness. SomethingI needed today, thank you 😊 This could work under the short songs challenge, too.