Choiceless Running

by @spazsquatch @acousticmaddie

Liner Notes

@acousticmaddie sent lyrics for our #randomcollaborations, I went in a few different directions with them. The final result is a bit of Frankensteins monster of a mostly classic #rock vibe, but with some out of place #progressive_rock elements. I think it works and suits the lyrics well, but if I were to do it over I might start it off a notch below 11 and build up to that.

Never the less, fun collab.


Bombs they Keep on falling
On jet another town
The One who gave the order
Just pass the cards around
And from the smoke a Shadow
Slowly rise and run
In his left leg he carries
A shell from a gun

He shatters and he is frozen
But runs another mile
Inside he is all broken
Outside he always smile

the little boy is limping
but hears his mother's voice
You must Keep on running
You don't have a Choice
All of us are gone now
So run  for what once where
Yes run My Little baby
There in noone here




Inside the boy is breaking
  Outside he Always smile
And every hour he is walking
Jet another mile.
And bombs they Keep on falling
The cards are passed along
The boy he limps another mile
While singing the same ol' song


That's a real rocker. The band track reflects the violence the result of which is in the lyric. Powerful collab.


The lyrics are very powerful and heartbreaking. The heavy music suits the lyrics well. Nice solo! Vocals are really good. Good stuff!


I think the balance of the frizzy big hair hard rock and the ponytail & moustache prog is spot on here. Suitably for the lyrics, that are thematically aggressive but also insightful and touching. Great production too and wonderful vocals.


I totally dig this style. The power of hard rock compared with some prog weirdness. This is so cool, I hope you find some time to refine and make it BIG! Reading the lyrics I'd never come with this style and it ao fresh that this heavy topic is not turned into a ballad. Great!


Very powerful both lyrically and musically. The story has very personal, heartbreaking elements along with a bigger picture. That's hard to do and make an impact. The vocal & music production sets it off with a great drive and carries the deep angst of the story. Well done!


Great drive to this.

And a vivid picture of the people victimized by war--wounded, lost, and the ones who give the orders see it as a game.


One of the things I admire about you, Maddie, is how you're able to write engaging narratives. And then the added addition of @spazsquatch's interpretation of with an amazing production and performance. Not mad at the starting at 11, but I also agree that it could make for a great build-up, too. Nice collaboration.


This is just the right treatment for her lyrics! Very powerful and fantastic Collab!