She Said

by @standup

Liner Notes

Started with a guitar part and some swingin' drums.

Lyrics were helped by a website about "How to tell if a woman is just not into you", giving me various topics.

The upright bass has been on my last two tracks since it's now sitting out on the floor of the room.
#swing #upright-bass


She said she's got a lot
going on right now
maybe in the spring
things will calm down

She said let it be
She said now I'm free

she says she has to focus
on herself
break down the walls
of her private hell

She says I begin to
think about you
but I'm never ever gonna
see it through
she says I wish I could be
there for you
but I'm afraid I'd end up
just your fool


Refreshingly different and very enjoyable. Digging the drums and organ and the bass's deep tones. Well put together, sir!


Cool and chill song. Lovin that organ and stand up bass. Great job


I am a sucker for any kind of rock organ. This has a great vibe to it.


Great bass, lovely soulfull performance. Geat image painted of the person


Lovin that bass sound.
Nothin like a real acoustic bass on a track.
I like how you've turned a fluffy website article into this melancholy tale of loss and confusion.
Great percussion.
And the electric piano line is aces as it interacts with the guitar.
Really nice track here.


Dig the swing of the Upright Bass and the Electric Piano and Drums.
It's a Swinging Combo alright.
Nice vocal intoning the sad wistful lyric.


Nice feeling on that bass, true.. nice production. D


Love the upright bass! The synth keys sound great and fill out the upper range of the spectrum, with your lovely bass at the bottom and your smooth clear vocals in the middle. Great song concept and so relatable. I like your chorus a lot - the simplicity of it and the slower paced lyrics. Great outro - love those descending chords!


This is really wonderful! Love the lyrics, the music, production and performance. That bass really adds alot, as does the rhodes (or whirli?) keyboard. A great 'dark tone' to the whole thing that reminds me in subject and approach a tiny bit of some Beatles mixed with Richard Thompson, perhaps....(a fine mix if there ever was one!)


I like the Rhodes tone. Very cool bass line. Sweet vocal, sad story with a lot of truth. I really like the "now I'm free" on the outro a lot.


Beautifully composed song. Tricky situation described perfectly in lyrics and music. Beautiful singing, playing and demo.