Third Floor Apartment

by @tjeff

Liner Notes

#americana #acoustic #harmonies #love_song


Wake up, it's another day
The city beckons, time to play
Feed the dog, then out for a walk
Central Park and back around the block

This Third Floor Apartment
Doesn't have much of a view
But sittin' on the couch with you
Is all I really want to do
This Third Floor Apartment
It's small buts it's cozy too
I love wakin' up next to you
Oh yes I really do
Yes I really do

On the street, watch the city move
Set a pace and get in the groove
So many people and their own affairs
Back home again and up the stairs

CH (2x & out)


Nice, bright sound - very nostalgic. Great work put in on those BVs!


Not much to say, other than this was nice. Pleasant. Pleasing. Well-written and well-performed.

Kudos. 😀


Yup, lovely harmonies, takes me back. Like the organ too, very nice listen.


Oooh, those harmonies really "Floor" me.
I like the organ, it sounds very nice and meshes well with the vocal(s) and guitar.
Very sweet & lovely sentiment in the lyrics.
Enjoyed the listen.


wound like you have CSN singing back up harmonies behind you. this is a nice, jaunty piece of urban alternative folk rock. a lot of fun and pretty relateable.


Sounds like you've become a city boy :-) ha nice observations and cool harmonies.


I love these straight up conversational heartfelt lyrics. Great vocal delivery and the chorus harmonies are yummy! I especially love what you did at the end of the chorus - wonderful dissonance. Love the guitar and the organ synth. Love the descant on the second verse. Just a lovely positive upbeat nice and light vibe. I really enjoyed listening to your song.


Oh I really love the easy feel of this! Reminds me a little of Our House. Good one!


Nice scene setting here. The apartment has no view, but I just want to sit here with you.

Love the harmonies. Catchy chorus.

I like the organ too, nice addition.


Beautiful, uplifting, love song. Beautiful descriptions in the lyrics, every detail is lovingly written. The music is in a harmony with the lyrics and brings them to the next level of bouncy, happy, echoes of love, dynamics of the city and the warm, happy atmosphere. Beautiful choice of instrumentation. Wonderful vocals, playing and demo. Love it.