With You

by @sheslin

Liner Notes

#acoustic_one_take #girl_with_guitar #indie_folk #folk


Another night breaks through
Sitting close to you
You’re the fire that warms my cautious heart
You know what to do
When I run away
You hold tight and say
Don’t be afraid, tell me what you want
I’ll make it come true
I’ve been in love before
But this feels different
I know it in my core
I’m not running away anymore
We build a cozy fire
Chilled wine gets us higher
The only sound I hear is love calling
The way that you do
My heart skips a beat
I could never leave
You hold me tight and I’m falling
It’s all I can do
And I’ll stay
Right next to you
It’s all I can do
I’m with you


How you make that guitar sing so complementary to your voice is wonderful. Such a sweet melodious sound surrounded by delicate, meaningful lyrics. All touches the heart as it brings to light these characters and their beauty. Really fine work!


Oh, this is one of those songs that really speaks to me - such a beautiful love song, filled with compassion, insight, kindness and gratitude. And your vocals just soar gorgeously. I love it!


Oh man, chills galore on those falsetto notes. Simply divine! The whole thing is lovely, the excitement and the ease of this love comes through clearly.

Well done!


i love the melodic anarchy in this song. it expresses feelings that cannot be contained.