under our wheels

by @miga

Liner Notes

#americana #roadtripsong

I started this song earlier in the week and deeply disliked it. I almost uploaded it as it was, in spite of my distaste, but something in one of the verses made me sit on it a little longer. Now I like it slightly more 😂.

It remains a road trip song, but it’s better than it was, more meaningful, more descriptive of the journey. For me, road trips can be inner journeys as well as the obvious outer one. Something about the landscape continually unfolding before me can inspire new thoughts, if I have the eyes to see it. But I’m often in danger of being unable to see the beauty, which feeds the soul.

I would have uploaded the song earlier if I had been able to get through it without bawling every time I got to the bridge (and it’s not even that kind of song!) but today I was quite able and even impatient with it.

I find cynicism far easier than hoping for the 'next good thing.' But that's where the song took me and I tried to go with it, even if I really didn't want to. (That dang optimism - tell it to go away.)


under our wheels

across the Susquehanna, way out to the west
beyond the county borders we seek some kind of rest
you’re headed home to family, I run from where I am
from all my wounds and from the fear I’ll just get hurt again

we cross the bridge to freedom
discover that flat tire
we work it out together
then sit and wait awhile

now the miles rolling under our wheels
like Time that will not sit still
they never tell us what’s around the bend
we can never see the end
but here we go again

Ohio Indiana - I’m lost inside my mind
Illinois Wisconsin, vanishing state lines

are your eyes really open?
I don’t think you can see
what’s easier than living?
escape reality

And the miles rolling under our wheels
no matter how detached I feel
are my link to the Here and Now
put your hand to the plow, girl
put your hand to the plow

muted light on the lakes of Minnesota
ribbon earth, massive sky of North Dakota
prairie wind on yellow fields of ripe canola
Prairie Wind, blowing clouds through Manitoba,
chase me down
don’t let me go
take me up until I know

that all the miles rolling under our wheels
like the ache time cannot heal
bring me closer to the next good thing
pick me up and pull me in
bring me to the next good thing
pick me up and pull me in
bring me to the next good thing


This is a lovely song. I enjoyed the journey as the mind wanders and you describe it all very well. The bridge is full of some wonderful images, I can see it all and relate too. Great vocal delivery!


So you got to the bridge before you started to cry? I got there as soon as you sang the Susquehanna. That's my river. The one I cross to get home...But, yeah, I can see how the bridge would get you every time....It feels like that endless feeling of crossing the big big western states...Feels like you wrote one of those Mantra songs that can remind you how you mean to live. I love those. Great work.