The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

by @headfirstonly

Liner Notes

#movie-title #Spitfire-Audio #LABS #single-plugin #soundtrack #cinematic

This one is for @toms who asked me whether I'd installed the latest of Spitfire Audio's free LABS series of plugins. It's a sampled foghorn. Of course I had!

So this is made entirely from that plugin, and nothing else. And because I'm a nerd, this references the Ray Bradbury short story, "The Fog Horn" which inspired the movie from which this track borrows its title. Ray Harryhausen, meet John Carpenter (and a JC remake of one of my favourite classic 1950s B-movies would be something I would *love* to see...)

(And, because I'm a film nerd: did you know that Harryhausen's titular monster in "It Came From Beneath The Sea" (another classic) only had six tentacles, because the budget wouldn't cover the time he would have spent animating all eight?)


A great example of what you can achieve with a very narrow palate of sounds :)


Nice and watery mysterious sounds, like waiting for that sea creature to jump from behind on to the deck of the ship!


Gosh I sure do love Ray Harryhausen and that film, so of course I like this!
Great animation trivia there, too!
I had forgotten all about that Bradbury story; he was my first "favourite author" when I was a kid.
This track really has a sense of majesty and foreboding.
I'm liking that weird mechanical shuffling noise there, like a stem ship about to be dragged beneath the waves by a sea monster.
Really nice!


Such a beautiful sound & you really made the most of it, Chris!


Very cinematic and atmospheric! And incredibly impressive that it all was made with a single plugin. Love it