Videogames are Scary

by @outinpublicdrummer

Liner Notes

***Loud noises halfway through***

My first attempt at #slothcore and I had way too much fun with this!

40 bpm, all one take without punch-ins.

My mobility is still limited from surgery, but this only required a few button presses, turning some knobs, and playing a bassline a few times. Seemed very appropriate and slothy.

Recorded live with a Moog Grandmother and Circuit Rhythm. I patched the Grandmother to sync its clock to the Rhythm, then synced the LFO to the sequencer so I could "take a nap" and mix the rhythm with the original patch. No post-effects, just some compression.

*EDIT* I forgot to mention the amount of built-in distortion it took to make the hihat, snare, and kick sounds on the Circuit Rhythm. I think that counts?

My partner said it sounded like a horror survival game's sound design leading into a boss fight, which inspired the title.

Thank you to @candle for creating such a chaotic and fun genre and to @fuzzy for introducing it to me with their song "72 Hour Hold" (linked below)

#ambient #horror #synthesizer #theloudestnoiseyouveeverheard


The midnight drum circle is protected by the saucer boys overhead from the threatening sloths.


But *how* loud?? 😬
Yeah, this does sound like some horror survival soundtrack.
Or music for exploring a creepy abandoned factory at night.
Really nice headphone mix.
That ominous buzzing is drilling into my brain.
Oh, ok, *that* loud!
Gosh, now I'm imagining zombie sloths dropping out of the trees on unsuspecting passersby.
This is kinda hypnotic.
I love it!