Behind Masks, Under Stones

by @headfirstonly

Liner Notes

#prog #progressive_rock #big-production #kitchen-sink

It's been a while since I did an epic prog track. So here's an epic prog track.

It's inspired by our government busily removing much of the right to protest in the UK,
by the fact that they have announced that they want to make the "vilification of Britain" a crime punishable by ten years in prison
and by the fact that they intend to withdraw the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights.

Have a listen to "Waiting for the Worms" on Pink Floyd's album The Wall if you want to know what Roger (Waters) was on about in the first verse.


The sun is setting and forty years have gone
but the worms that Roger warned about are boldly marching on
Now there's something rotten in this green and pleasant land
and an evil we'd forgotten has gained the upper hand
green and pleasant won't describe the future they have planned

There will be prosperity for some
but for you and me, the nightmare's begun

Whatever's thriving, it feeds on flesh and bone
You'll find it writhing behind masks and under stones

Their smiling faces fill every screen
as they tell us what they promised wasn't really what they mean
We sit and watch them laughing as they strip away our rights
They've already started trashing any chance we have to fight
We have to stand here waving flags while they're turning out the lights...


I enjoyed the song in a musical point of view. These synths sound so mysterious. And the chords are super dark. I like the moment when the orchestra and drums kick in. So powerful. And these details like the marching drums, acid synths, the epic lead playing. Kudos for the production. Thats not big - its HUGE👏


were this developed and extended into a feature length production, it could be as big a The Wall. what you have here is just as good as anything in the Pink Floyd opus. Really deep and wide epic scope on the darkening future. Brilliant job.


Very Floydish. Just WHO is making these comments? I asked my girlfriend (who is a lawyer at the US State Department) about this stuff and she was unfamiliar with it. Please don't tell me that my Beloved Britain is getting as crazy as the good old USA! Great song--you are the master.


This is a dark and powerful track. Nice use of an acid-y sounding synth in a different context (subtly underpinning the verses). Very dramatic and intense around the 'Whatever's thriving...' section. A couple of nice guitar solos in there as well.

All round epic, I'd say.


Amazing! The dense production is really creating a menacing mood. I love everything about this. I sensed that guitar solo at around 4:36 coming but it still gave me goosebumps. The build-up to it is extremely intense. Just ear-candy from start to finish.