by @ttg105

Liner Notes

I walk on the beach quite often, and, lately, I've noticed more than the usual amount of seaweed. Fascinating, I know!

#bass #horns #eclectic


You cover yourself in kelp
and say, "Help
I'm all covered in kelp"

I drape myself in ape fur
and yell, "What have I done this for?"


i always considered the kelp / help rhyme in dylans song sara to be one of his very worse. but you take that same rhyme and make it into something special. could it be the humor or is there a more arcane secret to it? perhaps because it is repeated, the absurdity of the rhyme is pronounced and becomes as kelped up as the helpless beach.


I just saw a news report this morning about extreme kelp levels in the Caribbean, so I guess you're getting it too!
I'm liking the minimalism here.
Great slightly chaotic horn stabs.
Lovely bass groove.
Nice one!