Die Alte / The Crone

by @mahtowin @dragondreams @troyificus

Liner Notes

Another weird tune from me :-) ...
2 weeks ago I listened to Doomed Commercial District by @troyificus.
I was catched by the lyrics, especially the last two line "spoke" to me. And so I asked him if it would be ok if I pick them up, translate them and create a new poem out of them.
Then a few days ago @dragondreams posted That moment just before.
I heard it and felt it fits perfect with what I am planning to write, so I asked him for a collab.
I added a very simple e-bass.

#spokenword #german #magick #ambient #experimental

The lyrics from @troyificus are very spiritual to me. It seems they are spoken from somewhere beyond.
A Crone means an old wise woman. Fire and salt are regular used in rituals I make sometimes.
I wrote the new poem in German, but there is a translation below.

Hope you like it!


Was wählst Du, Alte!
Feuer oder Salz?

Feuer! Brenne!
Die Nacht mach hell!
Wärme mich!
Tanze in mir!
Tanze mit mir!
Hilf mir zu klären,
was mich bewegt.
Zu ändern, was zu Ende geht.

Trockne meine Tränen!
Lass mich trinken!
Kläre meine Luft!
Und heile meine Wunden!
Salz, schütze mich!
Bewache meine Grenze,
damit ich still werden kann.
Hüte meine Träume,
wiege sie und sing ihnen vor!

Was wählst Du, Alte?
Feuer oder Salz?

Sie nahm das Salz
um den Kreis zu ziehen.
Und brachte das Feuer in seine Mitte.


What do you choose, Crone?
The fire or the the salt?

Fire! Burn!
Lighten up the night!
Warm me up!
Dance inside me!
Dance with me!
Help me to clear
what moves me!
To change
what is coming to its end!

Dry my tears!
Let me drink!
Clear my air
and heal my wounds!
Protect me!
Guard my borders
so I can become silent.
Keep my dreams,
cradle them and sing to them!

What do you choose, Crone?
The Fire or the salt?

She took the salt
to draw the circle
and then
she brought the fire in the middle.

Fire or Salt?
What do you choose, Crone?

lyrics by Andrea Campanile


Oh, this turned out really cool. The spoken (whisper?) word is very effective and I like how the bass trails out at the end. The music sets a mystical atmosphere while moving just to the edge of sinister. Fire or salt? Both!


This sounded great. Very appropriate for spellcasting. The voice reminds me of Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings movies.

Awesome collab!


Ganz toll! I especially love the line "Zu ändern, was zu Ende geht". Wow.


Very dark, like an evening prayer for magic, the bass moves this along well, the soft vocals go well with the sound.


Cool, eerie atmosphere. I love the whispered vocals, it really makes the picture vivid.


WOW! To think my words inspired this wonderful collaborative effort. This is eerie and oddly moving. @dragondreams your ambient track is excellent, and @mahtowin your poem is beautiful. Amazing work, the both of you!