Surprise Lilies

by @marthie @cindyrella

Liner Notes

Had fun working on this song. My early morning voice don't whisper well and stable. Well, now I know!


Surprise Lilies
© 2022 Cindy Prince

Life was hard
I was tired
But forced myself outside

The grass was dry
But somehow I
Spotted a nice surprise

Pink and delicate and in full bloom
They were next to the big oak tree
I smiled for the first time in days
The flowers seemed to be just for me
Surprise lilies just for me

They come every summer
Seem to pop up overnight
It cheers me to see them bloom
It's such a pure delight

I've been down
But have found
Nature always lifts me

Now I feel light
My day seems so bright
It's today's gift for me

Repeat chorus


Oh, boy--more "nature" themed lyrics from Cindy. And as sung by Marthie!! Keep these coming! Keep these coming! Another great collaboration for you two--I LOVE the "whisper voice", Marthie!


Your voice is absolutely amazing and the careful performance really does the lyrics justice. Really good with spares piano. Such a great collab


Loved Cindy's lyric and loving it even more in your beautiful, magical, fairy tale song. So gentle, moving, princess like vocals. Love your song very, very much. Amazing song and delivery. Brilliant lyrics, music, piano playing and vocals. Everything works so organically and magically! Thank you both very much.


Two words... Simply Beautiful. Cindy's lyrics delivered delicately by you was exactly what this song needed. More please :)


Great to hear these lyrics now! I like the introspective delivery and phrasing of these expressive lines. A soft vocal suits it just fine. So lovely!


marthie and cindy took me into the garden and showed me what they saw and made me feel what they felt. that is my definition of communicative art. brilliant collaboration from two of my favorite collaborators.


The morning whisper voice lends vulnerability apparent in the lyrics. Nice collab!


Oh Marthie! This brings tears to my eyes! This will make anyone feel wonderful! Thank you for this gift!