Let’s Go!/A Million stars

by @marthie

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

This is just a lyric planned for a collaboration. Let's see if it makes the cut. 150 words(ok I sneaked in an extra verse...)


Let’s Go!/A Million stars

I'm looking forward to roll up my sleeves
getting stuck in the challenge with you
walking along my chosen path.
when it comes to life…
We are in it together.

V2. We might as well make this world tick
with everything that is connected with it.
highlight our strengths
take what we've learned
embraced our weaknesses
and improved on it.

V3. I've been admiring you for a while
your support and encouragement
draws me to you every time
thank you for reaching out
we create our legacy
while we’re here now.

PC: you showed me a million stars
how to follow my heart
this is what I want to do,
Let's go!

Yes, (I)We’ve got big plans
(I)We take the first steps
(I)We have what it takes
(I)We can do it

Sometimes this journey can be a lonely one
It will be great to simply connect with you.
I want be the one you can call anytime.
but there’s no pressure…


Stunning! Please let me know when I can hear it!