White Feather Ft Kate Stanton

by @steviej @davidtaro @katestantonsings

Liner Notes

@katestantonsings @davidtaro #rap #piano
As you will probably tell from the opening line this lyric was inspired by Ed Sheeran's "Visiting Hours" the concept was so clever and made me jealous that I never came up with it lol. Anyway this is dedicated to my mother who sadly passed in 2015 I've always wanted to make a song for her/ about her but never found the words and even though I've found some in this song it still never feels like enough. thank you to David and Kate for their amazing contribution.


It’s so true what Sheeran said
Cause I wish heaven had visiting hours
Some pain you just can’t wash away
I’ve had a million showers
On my up I’d stop at the florist shop
And buy you the biggest bunch of flowers
To say thank you for everything
You gave me the best upbringing
Beautiful woman, a real lioness
Always looking out for me so
It’s no wonder July 25th makes you a Leo
I was your cub, I still am
But to everyone else I’m just a man
You got me better than anyone ever has
I doubt anyone misses you more than dad
Man I’d do anything just to have one of our little chats
Just an hour of you and me, If only I had the opportunity
I’d hope that you would say

I’m proud of the man you’ve become
I’m certain that you’ve found the one
I’ve been watching ever since I left
It makes me happy to see you at your best
Did you get that white feather
That I sent down from heaven?

Until death actually comes to me
I’ll never really know what you see
I just hope that you’re at peace
Spending some time with the family
And doing all things you love
I always think it’s you whenever a white feather floats down from above
I always think of you, I always think of you it’s true
So unfair you had to leave us so soon
It came as a real shock to me
For years it still got to me
You never even visited a doctors surgery, until then
It’s hard to shake those final images
And remember how you used to look
You know me mum I only see the pictures
I’ve still never read a book
I’m sorry I tried to make a joke in your final hour
I just didn’t know how to cope but if I had a super power
I’d go back to that day and make things right
Maybe I’d have avoided so many sleepless nights
and it wouldn't be playing on my mind
See I’d do anything for just an hour of you and me
If only I had the opportunity
I’d hope that would say


I found love with the perfect women
In many ways she’s just like you
I’m gutted you’ll never meet her
My sister and dad really love her too
I’ve kicked that gambling habit right in the face
You were right you know, it was just a way to escape
Anyway you were right all the time
Stubborn so I’d never let you know it
I loved you, even if sometimes I struggled to show it
People say that we’re so alike
I’ve inherited your artistic nature
You crafted beautiful things with your hands
I just paint pictures with words on paper
I won’t know if your listening but what I see
Is a beautiful image, it's just you and me
If only I had the opportunity
I’d hope that you would say



What a beautiful tribute to your mom @steviej . The special love and closeness between mother and son come through in a big way. Lovely music and vocals. A very heartfelt and poignant collab. Love it!


Heartfelt bounces all through this lyric. Cue the music with it? Heaven! Really a fab thought-provoking piece here. So hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


This is wonderful. It has that all-important "tug" I hope to find in every emotional song. This has it in spades! Love, regret, impossibilities, sorrow. An eloquent tribute and so relatable. Kate's vocal as the mother is sublime. Love the white feather image, the Yeahs in the Chorus and the exquisite lyrics. The music is perfect for the message. Wonderful, wonderful!


My sentiment holds with the others who have commented. I am still so impressed when I hear collaborations springing forth from your studio, my friend. All involved; each of your are inspiring to me. And I’m reminded yet again of something precious. Beautiful work everyone.


Wonderful tribute to a mother. MY mother would have been 97 this year...taken too soon.I like the monologue then punctuated with Kate angelic vocals...An amazing pouring of emotion in the lyrics something many of us can,sadly relate to.


A one sided conversation with a departed loved one - but with a wish-fullfillment fantasy @katestantonsings down from above - is such a great song idea. Kate's bit is great because it brings the whole thing in to focus, but the real work of this song has to be done in the verses, because if they don't land then there's nothing at stake. You do a stellar job - you use those verses to explore this from a lot of different angles, truthfully and sensitively. It is really compelling, and I hope it felt as good to share as it was to listen to.


this is a powerul expression of loss, regret, and love. ive written several songs attempting to come to terms with the loss of my mother in 2006, but nothing really can tell the whole story. you have done a remarkable job of capturing so much of all the thoughts feelings and contradictions related to loss. your recitation is exquisite and kate's performance as the mother is heartbraking. i love the yeahs that follow her questions of whether you received the white feather. little things like that go a long way towards making it real.


This is a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to the loss of a loved one. The verses are full of solid imagery that allowed me to feel like I understand some of what you are going through. Great call to bring Kate in to sing the hook, her vocals definitely have an angelic feel to them.


Such a wonderful song. At this writing, I'm visiting my own 93-year-old mother. About 20 years ago she and I wrote a song together--which is such a cool, cool thing to have. My condolences on your losing yours--I know I'll be devastated when I lose mine. Yours certainly inspired a wonderful song from her--and Kate's voice always makes things even better. (And lovely arrangement, David!)


Awww man! This is so...just amazingly awe-inspiring!


Cool mix of styles and vocals in this one!


So many emotions captured in the lyric, sadness, regret, pride, guilt, grief and of course love. Beuatifully performed and produced. A top notch collaboration.


What a heartfelt and thoughtful tribute. It feels real, authentic and therapeutic. Well done all the way around. This was tugging at my heartstrings as I was fully engaged listening.




wow, interesting stuff... cool.


Like Nadine, I didn't know this song. Thanks to you and Google I could find it and it's amazing. The link, if anyone would like to hear, is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3CoEyYEf4A
This song, although had some spiritual connection, is very original and truly amazing. What a beautiful tribute. Heart-breaking lyric, very beautiful, heart-breaking music, the performances are absolutely brilliant. The rap and the singing, the repetitions, the atmosphere of pronunciation of each word and phrase, the instrumentation, there is so much I feel but can't express apart from saying it's gorgeous, very dear to my heart, very meaningful and I feel tearful. Brilliant collaboration. Great team work.


This morning I was walking out to my car and there was a white feather on the floor of my garage!! Happy release day, Steve & David--what a lovely song to your mum. Thank you for asking me to be a part of it. I think it's a beautiful tribute. --Kate


Shame on me, I don't know Sheeran's song you're referring to! But I completely get the vibes of this song. The arrangement is awesome and I love the idea of the duet. Your voices work well together. Awesome collaboration. What a nice way to approach such a dark topic. My sympathies.