by @splittybooms

Liner Notes


made a few days ago and wasn't gonna post because it wasn't a complete idea; i literally made the first part, made the second part, gave up/got lazy and copied the first part onto the bass of the second part.
I'm a lazy, lazy man. But a lazy, lazy man that actually decided he wants to hit 50 songs.
Yeah, also bit influenced by 'My Prerogative'.


Not gonna lie - my first impression was "this sounds like some classic Teddy Riley" and then it hit me that he was the one that produced My Purgative. Doesn't sound like lazy craftsmanship...more like efficient workflow, actually. I do like how this groove moves about. I want you to hit 50, dude. From past posts, I think it's a worthy musical, production, personal goal.

...and I want to be a part of the journey. I'm with you, Mr. Frodo!


Kangol * GD autocorrect


I think this is dope af. K Angola make me specifically think of Samuel l Jackson in Jackie brown (an underrated flick IMO) he’s such a badass and I feel like this nails his swagger from Jackie brown. It’s a lot funk a touch chip tune-y and all cool. If you wanna flesh this one out anymore lemme know cuz this is one bad motha (shut my mouth) [baby I’m talkin bout splitty!]

Goin back for 2nds…just tuck a napkin into my collar so I don’t get any ear candy on my loud ass Hawaiian shirt.


Yes, that opening is killer. This definitely counts towards 50…Go man go!!!


Love that opening - awesome beat! Swanky!


Funk lives! You need to development this to the max. The decline synth line that starts at 1.26 is cool..I just into it then BOOM it's over. :-(


Yeah splitty has the funk. Nice tune man, sorry when it stopped!


Funky synth bass at the start and the funk doesn't let up as the song progresses. Very nice synth work.


The funk is strong! The synth work is outstanding - has a west coast feel with the portamento style riffs! Gives me images of sunshine and salt damage - nice! The two bits have a smooth transition - linked by copy and paste it seems - awesome! 1 down, plenty more sunshine vibes to go! Thanks!


Never had a head for hats, but if they fit, I'd put a Kangol on my shit.

I also can't believe 'My Prerogative' was an influence, I mean, I hear it, just never thought that song would influence something. 😄