GIMME15hank: A Historical Typo

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Liner Notes

Here's the finished version (with snazzy video) of the second GIMME15 project so many jgreat FAWMers participated in during 16 days of mayhem 4/1/22- 4/17/22 (and a month of mixing/video editing after) . #GIMME15

We wanted to hold back release so that we could share this with all our friends here.

If you want a free download of the audio track, and to follow a full lyric sheet with participant credits, you'll find it here:
(the lyric sheet is too long to post here or on youtube! )

We did another one in April after FAWM and I'll be sharing that in a few days after a few final video edits.

Please consider signing up to join us for next chapter GIMME15 (part 6 of eventually) 15 parts. Sign up here !!!

So much amazing talent!

Please take a minute to like, subscribe to the GIMME15 channel on youtube, and maybe share the video in your social media andleave a comment there and start some public discussion so that these mega works (and all the effort that goes into them) gets some love outside the challenge community.

I hope you enjoy, Wolf.

@wolfkier (starter, stitcher, masher, construction contractor)
@iustaknow of the, The MOD-BURR-BAND-22", @ustaknow (alias)
@berni1954 (&wife)

Bandit the Wonderdog
My boy :"Special Agent Dale" Cooper.
And introducing Summer, Cooper's puppy buddy.


The lyric sheet is too long to post here or on youtube to follow/sing along you'll find it with the bandcamp free download here:


The most uniquely-different way I've seen during this 50/90 that a questioning song of sorts has been brought to creative life. Loved the avant-garde mix of it all, the overlays, and intercuts. "One act gets abducted by aliens, this nx one left behind by them." Classic worked-in line among the many gems found in this 17 min film's talking commentary throughline. Really an enjoyable presentation. Well done! Thx for sharing.


what an interesting project. Great job on all the hours of work that went into this!


Ok this was justt fun :-D awesome stitching!


Kali Yuga at its best!




I'll leave a little heads up note here so most regular participants are sure to get the message.
I'll be announcing the next chapter in the GIMME15 saga, part6 - "GIMME15finder" tomorrow (Firday 7/8/22) in the forums. Watch out for the forum post or drop me a quick email to let me know if you're interested. It'll be basically the same process as the last few, but given my health state right now I'll be leaning on everyone to help make it as great as possible, better than this and GIMME15chance, which I just posted to 50/90 to share with all.
So yay GIMME15team, let's do this again, bigger, better, darker, and richer. (including video, I hope!)
Thanks for the phenomenal amount of talent and love and trust you all brought to the project. I'm still in awe of so much of the material collected here, and humbled to be allowed to work with it.
PS: I hope to that many of you are considering developing the song fragments from this and past GIMME15s into full songs! We could post an album of those expanded tracks eventually on the GIMME15 bandcamp page:
Also note that I'm loooking for someone to put together the comprehensive final lyric sheet for GIMME15chance, so let me know if you'd like to do that, I'll help, but I don't have the brain space to do it myself right now. Thanks!
Hugs, Wolf.


Very cool to listen aaaand watch! ☺️ lovely dreamy voices for the singing!


That was just brilliant. As someone who majored in Philosophy (with a special interest in Metaphysics, Epistemology & Logic (three of the big four divisions or Philosophy)), I loved every minute of this. The way the music was stiched together & then sync'd to the video clips: masterful! You all should be proud of the result - with a special extra applause for @wolfkier for being the master of ceremonies (so to speak). So many of my favourite FAWMers took part in this & its awesome to see all of your styles mesh together so beautifully! Can't wait for the next installment 😀

See You In The Shadows…


Watched it again, such a great track from so many, and the video editing really works to great effect!


This was an epic undertaking. I love the video...watched it twice. That old reel-to-reel clip major flash back!


Are you high...? ;-)

This stuff is interesting. Love a little experimentation--and I love what you do with the video track, too. Looking forward to seeing 50+ from you this "season". ;-)


A really interesting experimental mash up, in both sound and vision.
Reminds me of something that could have been put together in the 60's. Well done to all.
Incidentally, I'm reading Colin Escott's biography of Hank Williams at the moment, so I'm well in tune with the Hank thing!


This was absolutely well worth another listen/watch, and I actually like it more now that some time has passed. I adore the video and am amazed how well you were able to wrangle us all together, especially if everyone else is half as stubborn as I am.

Looking forward to some more of these whenever you're feeling up for it.


Oh wow I love it with the video, what a great way to organize the laundry list of credits.
This is a real work of art. I'm so pleased to have played a part (or, parts) in yet another of Wolf's monsterpieces. Cheers to everyone who braved the cold and showed up for the open mic!


What an intriguing mashup! Amazingly well put together...a fabulous mosaic of creativity!


Worth a re-trip for sure. It's wintery and I like it!


What a wild trip! Great job everyone involved. Mesmerizing


Wow, so much going on here and love that lineup of talent that created this. Cool vid to go along with it as well! Superb!!


A fantastic creation with so many! Love it!


Ha! Love it! So fun to be a part of it!