You Were Wrong

by @complexissimple

Skirmish: You Were Wrong (@robinleaf)
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Liner Notes

This is ROUGH, but I gotta leave off here for now. I honestly probably shouldn't have attempted a skirmish right now but instead I started and ran out of steam in the middle. Hopefully I'll be able to come back and finish transcribing what I improvised at least. Here's what my notes say:
There was a skirmish today that I wasn't ready to participate in with the prompt You Were Wrong, which is a great refrain for a trans anthem. I want it to be almost shouted like "Since you been gone".

If I get real ambitious and do the aggressive editing it would take to turn it into my original vision for the song I'll probably make a separate post for that.

#trans #queer


You thought you knew me from the label on the tin
Thought you could brush by the instructions, throw the content warnings in the bin
You thought the name was all you need to know to know the truth
You thought - well, we can leave it at "you thought" as spoken by the youth

You were wrong
Everything they ever told you was a mistake
... (etc., sorry)


Great start on this one, there's already power in it!
Acapella is such a vulnerable, compelling way to deliver these words! If you do more to it. let me know - I'm intrigued. Glad you plowed ahead and skirmished!
This is really powerful with such a great metaphor around identity. “You thought..” gets to the intent vs impact and reminds me all the times I want to shout I don’t care what you thought, this is what you did! I hope you will have time to come back to this.
I love the concept as a #trans or even simply #queer anthem. I'd like to see the lyrics for the other verses! But the first verse is powerful enough - the content warnings, the label on the tin - great imagery for a hidden truth and a transformation. Which leads into what was an excellent choice for the verse!
I love this, great trans anthem! "You thought the name was all you need to know to know the truth" hits really hard. Lovely work!
There is definitely the bare bones of a song coming together here, you've a lovely voice too. The "you were wrong" line sounds just right the way you have sung it. Will keep an eye out for progress.