by @cookiecatshroom

Liner Notes

@dr_griff had a really cool idea--Imagine if emotions could write songs. This song is from the perspective of bliss! Yes I am an Inside Out fan, how could you tell? *cue my uncontrollable sobbing and sniffling after watching Inside Out 2*

For this song, I imagined someone who just works themself down to the bone and doesn't allow themself any leisure time. Bliss feels neglected, but still shows support while pushing their person in the right direction to get better!

I originally wrote this on the guitar, but I'm an absolute DWEEB when it comes to playing the way that I envision, so we are once again featuring the ukulele. Some things I'm just not skilled enough to do, yet :[

#fuc #acoustic #indie #ukulele #singersongwriter



I’m always here when you need me
Though it might come as a surprise
Don’t dare think that you’re too needy
We all need a break sometimes
You don’t really notice me much
And I’ve wondered why
Well, maybe we’re out of touch
And you’re too scared to say “hi”

Whenever you want me
I’m always there
Lose yourself in the city
And the smoky air
Drown in your projects
And your overtime
But don’t you forget me
And say you’re fine
You know we all need a break sometimes
A break sometimes

You’ve come home late from work
For the past couple of years
Pretend there’s something in your eyes
When you know that they’re tears
You haven’t noticed me much
And I think I know why
We’ve been out of touch
And you’ve set me aside

But whenever you need me
I’m always there
Lose yourself in the city
And the smoky air
Lash out and lose your head
In anger and spite
You can think you forget
And say you’re fine
But you know we all need a break sometimes

If you’d let me in
And let down your guard
If you’d settle down
Even though it’s hard

If you’d let me show you
All of the things that you’ve been missing
Maybe then
You can finally start living

Whenever you need me
I’m always there
Step away from the city
And the smoky air
You can throw it all away
Or you could be kind
Trust your body
And feel alright
Cause you know we all need a break sometimes


Omg I need the musical that this is clearly a part of! It’s so atmospheric and emotional at the same time!!!!
aww wow this is beautiful, lovely melody, and the story behind the lyrics put me in that mindset before listening and I was fully captivated and moved, plus you got a fire vocal too which always helps. truly wonderful stuff, thanks for sharing.
yup repeat 3. its beautiful! used the prompt so well and such a good lyric emotively delivered.
You made my eyes leak. :) This is beautiful, and I'm so glad you shared it.
Beautiful vocals, great melody and lyrics. Thank you for sharing. 😊