Call me in the morning (Marthie's solo version)

by @marthie

Liner Notes

This was intended for toplining another song but it just did not have the right vibe. So I did this version to get back to the one I am actually working on...
Yes, I am actually practicing my whispering voice: trying to get rid of Barbara/Bette and Cher...

#Folk #SingerSongwriter #TeenageAngst


How soft it was to touch you
Can’t trust my trembling knees to carry me
how my heart stood still
and time passed in slow motion

I thought I knew everything about love:
biology, anatomy,
I read the books
but nothing prepared me for this…
for meeting you

And now you’re far and I wonder if you remember
Was it just what you do or was there something there
Oh can still feel your lips
Our electric fingers tips
I hold my breath,
I think I’m falling into blue skies with you

PC: I wasn’t ready for this
Moment with you
emotions of being
so vulnerable and new

Call me in the morning,
I want to hear your voice again
Tell me we are all good
We can share words and rhymes again
And make melodies that soar and touch the skies
between us, between us.

Call me in the morning
Tell me it’s true
That there was more in it for you
Than just another night
was it your heart,
was it my heart,
it was our hearts that caught fire

Call me in the morning,
I want to hear your voice
Tell me we’re all good
We can share more words and rhymes
And make a melody that soars
and touch the skies between us.
Move the stars

Call me in the morning
Call me in the morning
Call me in the morning


So sincere, loving, moving and gorgeous. Absolutely amazing, intimate song which resonates with so many! Your voice and piano are absolutely stunning. Very special delivery, Marthie.


Ahhh, the breathy vocal and the piano sound great. Then it sounds Great when you open up with some fine singing.
I'm listening to this in the morning and it is a fine morning song about longing.
Nice lyric, Love the verse about reading, biology, anatomy.
Well done.


Ah I noticed and commented on whispering Marthie on another song.nice straightforward lyric and this is a very nice treatment!


Your delivery emotes the story perfectly! Gave me chills!