Sorry But We Are Away From Our Desks

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

Inspired by prompts from @unknownbecky #twitch stream. Written and recorded in an hour on a delayed viewing. Well, the first five minutes of the stream anyway, long enough to find the initial prompt suggestions were 'glass blower, harvest moon, stranded on the road, living in the breakdown lane, village of yesterdays vacations, stale donuts' and the final selection #village_of_yesterdays_vacations. However, I decided to use all the prompts and this story fell out. Probably an #unconscious_weird_science_fiction_mashup. I was using #nashville_tuning #acoustic_guitar strings and couldn't really find a melody or even a rhythm that felt right to me, so I went with #almost_beatnick #spoken_word. Not sure how I feel about this one. Oh well, it counts I guess.


[A7add11] Dashboard said stop safely now
[G] I had to pull over
[A7add11] Emergency flashers in the breakdown lane
[G] Lighting up the adventures in glass blowing shop sign

[D] Friday night walking to Home Depot
[C6add9/A] A harvest moon glows
[D] I'm transfixed by a deep purple stain
[C6add9/A] Transmission leak of a focus stranded on the road but its mine

[A] I walk into the stale donut shop
[Badd11/A] Where every dozen sold is at least three days old
[C/A] TV plays an ad for the village of yesterdays vacations
[G] I wonder if this is some kind of twist on a Disney theme park
[A7add11] So I see the one eight hundred number and I call

[F] Hello, you have reached the village of yesterdays vacations
[C] I'm sorry but we are away from our desks gone back to revisit our childhoods
[F] One group even went back to the Spanish Inquisition
[C] Were looking for memories we almost forgot
[F] Maybe someday we'll all return to our stations (ha ha ha ha)
[C] Just like the last three hundred thousand travel groups said they would
[F] Seems like our portal is a one way tunnel tied in a knot
[C] To the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, Tower of Babel, and the Flood
[F] None of us expected that
[C] So leave us a message at the tone if that is what you want
[G] Sorry but we are away from our desks and we're not coming back

[A7add11] Well I hung up the payphone
[G] Come to think of it I haven't seen one of those in over 20 years
[A7add11] The lights started to blur and suddenly I was alone
[G] Surrounded by a deep purple shear


This was a very fun lyric to morph. You created a great sense of nostalgia tinged with cynicism and apathy. It was a challenge to filter out the words and concepts that were most vivid and rework them into a new lyric while still keeping the feeling of reminiscing. Thanks for organizing this challenge!


Sounds like an episode from the twilight zone. It's a very creative story with a host of odd occurrences. Super entertaining in a great way.


This has a great feel and love the quirky images. I like the concept of yesterday’s vacation and the memories we almost forgot! Lots of wonderful images. Fun bit of laughter.


love the raw grit to this like it's coming through a tv or radio in the room I'm sitting in. That really just adds to the story telling of this. Kinda makes me think of sitting in a mountain cabin, with a fan on and a radio in the background like I'm in a movie or something. Very oddly specific I realize but that's how it's making me feel. :)


Oh I'm really liking that guitar sound.
Your lyrics are kinda surreal and so excellent.
Gosh, these lyrics are getting better and better as they go along.
Super ending.
Yeah, I really like this one a lot.


Trippy and dreamy! Very cool!


i like the contrast of inventive chord voicings with banal events of everyday life and historical inevitabilities.


Uh, what kind of creepy and weird place is this? A perfect setting for a Dr Who episode. Striking images. You caught me with the Spanish Inquisition and 3 days old donuts. Kudos for turning this prompt into a story that works. For geeks at least!


Great lyric Andy and some lovely musical changes, i really enjoyed this!


I'm so impressed that you managed to fit so many of the prompt ideas into one song! Coherently! I also really love the line "I'm sorry but we are away from our desks gone back to revisit our childhoods." It feels so poignant. Then it gets kind of creepy and I liked that too.