Be Alive

by @mikeb

Liner Notes

Sometimes I just need to take a break away from the issues and troubles that plague the world. I decided to write a "mindless" danceable tune in the style of Michael Franti (who puts on a very fun concert, BTW).
My workstation keyboard has a ton of built-in rhythms, which you can use just as percussion, or add full instrumentation by playing a few notes. I used the 'synth-pop' setting, and the only added instruments are rhythm electric guitar, lead guitar, bass in the intro and the 'gong' at the end. Definitely fun to work outside my usual 'genre'.



Be Alive ©2022 Michael J Birch

Don’t be sad if it’s raining
When you wake up Monday morning
If the weather was always the same
Wouldn’t it be boring
Some sun, a little rain
Snow, sleet, some sun again
Let’s just make it a great day!

Live live live, be alive
Live live live, be alive

Television, internet, radio
Full of nothing but bad news
Craziness is everywhere around you
It’s time to cut loose
Some music, a little dance
Some more music, take a chance
And just make it a great day!

Live live live, be alive
Live live live, be alive

Sing sing sing, like you mean it
Dance dance dance, all day long
Sing sing sing, you know you want to
Dance dance dance, sing and dance all day long

Live live live, be alive
Live live live, be alive


Tremendous fun! It sounds great, and so upbeat! The music and lyrics and vocals are so positive, it just makes me... happy, a rareish emotion these days. Thank you, sincerely, for the ray of sunshine!


Yeah, I get that it's fun to do stuff out of one's usual genre. I whine about that a lot myself--"I really should try some EDM...some rap..." So far I've been chickening out. Good for you stretching your wings--because you did a good job with this one. Keep 'em coming!


Very upbeat both musically and in mood. The chorus is very uplifting. Guitar is cool and great vocals.


Catchy, positive and danceable. I like the banjo sound in the mix—makes me want to ride a pontoon boat on the lake.


I’d add #rock to the genres - vocals are very rock. Love this combo - dancing is always the answer! Dance on!


Love the positive lyrics. A perfect way to start my day! Love the catchy music and melodies. Happy and fun - perfection!


You give the "synth pop" a tasty rock edge, which prevents it from being saccharine. This isn't normally my style, either, but you've done a remarkably good job here, Mike.


Very cool. Love the way it takes negatives and turns it into this great positive about celebrating being alive


This really makes me want to dance-even with my creaky bones! Too much fun!


Nice danceable groove with a chorus you can sing along to. Healthy, positive lyrics that puts the listener in a good mood. Cool bluesy guitar licks.


Hi, Mike! I like the happy message in this. So great that you can turn this out on your workstation keyboard! 😄 Fun!