by @troyificus

Liner Notes

Some of my favorite Slipknot songs are 'Gently' and 'Iowa' off of... well, the album Iowa. I love the #atmosphere that builds before crashing down into a #chaos of #noise and #aggression. I've used those tracks as inspiration for this one, hopefully I've captured their spirit!

#metal #dark #percussion


Very strong track, it hits hard and those scraping sounds give a nice edge, dig the bass in here.


I love the dark, brooding feel to this. It feels a bit menacing but is still very melody. You have created a really great song within full feeling soundscape but everything has plenty of room to be heard. I'm so glad I checked this one out!


heavy and dark. nice. this is a great instrumental. i like the background mood, and the breakdown at 4:48. kinda Tool and/or Downward Spiral flavors at the end.