Surprise Lilies

by @cindyrella

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Liner Notes

#folk #nature

I wasn't going to write another song until later, and am not as down as this song, but when I went for my walk, I saw surprise lilies in bloom.


Surprise Lilies
© 2022 Cindy Prince

Life was hard
I was tired
But forced myself outside

The grass was dry
But somehow I
Spotted a nice surprise

Pink and delicate and in full bloom
They were next to the big oak tree
I smiled for the first time in days
The flowers seemed to be just for me
Surprise lilies just for me

They come every summer
Seem to pop up overnight
It cheers me to see them bloom
It's such a pure delight

I've been down
But have found
Nature always lifts me

Now I feel light
My day seems so bright
It's today's gift for me

Repeat chorus


New flowers are very inspirational, i love the seasonal variations. Lovely capture of a “nature gift”.


I love how flowers are "today's gift for me". I agree! So easy to overlook and I'm glad you wrote this about them. I like how the verses are very short and to the point in contrast to the chorus. It'll make a lovely song!


Absolutely relatable lyrics. Just how often it feels to me. Brilliant writing, Cindy. Love it. It's my favourite of yours this 50/90.