Let An Adult Have A Go

by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

This popped into my head as I was listening to the news this morning. Can't imagine what it's about.

I don't usually do this sort of #topical thing, but I suppose 50/90 is a good place to do things you don't usually do from time to time. Just me and a #ukulele, direct to computer. #fuc

(Edit: This aged badly. I'm happy about that :))


You always dreamed you'd make it to the top
You did it, and that was when you stopped

But when you get the job, you've got to do it
When there is a crisis, you've got to lead us through it.
But you prefer to party, while the problems grow,
So maybe let an adult have a go

You make mistakes, but always laugh it off
For a clown that's fine, but not when you're the boss!

When someone asks a question, you spout any old guff
Then tell your colleagues they have to back you up
So when almost half your team's confidence is low
Maybe let an adult have a go

When someone new resigns every half an hour
Perhaps you should admit you've lost your grip on power
Time to let a leader step up to run the show
It's time to let an adult have a go
So maybe let an adult have a go


The song could be about quite a few world leaders. Sadly, it now seems the UK’s next PM will be worse than BoJo, although less childish I guess.

As you say, it is great that this "aged badly" - Well as they say; "a week is a long time in politics" 😉

I can't see either of the final two being much better. When will the English realise that voting for the Tories is tantamount to cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Sums up my own feelings perfectly! I love the way the ukulele makes the message more palatable. 😉

All very true, with a nicely resigned feel to the performance and and the gentle uke. Sad, but accurate, with a catchy lyrical hook in the "let an adult have a go."

yep. i think we are on the same page with our latest songs. I wonder how many songs have been written about this??
You fit some nice lines in there, and i agree the overall effect is a kind of weary resignation. there may be something in that pun too!

Sweet ukulele sound lightens the lyric slightly, but the sentiment comes across. I like the hook - let an adult have a go.


Good writing here. You sound more resigned than angry and that works very well.

It’s rather sweet - so charmed by the vocals. Clever lyrics.


This is really good, and I love the chances you're taking here. Great lyrics and the tempo belies the urgency of the need for responsibility.

Great ideas and great execution of them. Effective and tuneful, and from what I know, sadly all too accurate. Both sides of the pond seem to be having messy situations!

i love the title and you do a fine job of fleshing it out in your lyric. for a topical song, it is very gentle, which is rare in this genre, and a welcome change from the usual harsh rantings.