Don't Ghost Me

by @standup

Liner Notes

I'm taking a songwriting course with @carleybaer this month, and our homework this week was to write a reply song--a song that responds to a previous song.

So I'm replying to a hit from my teen years, "Hanging on the Telephone," which I heard performed by Blondie. It was written by Jack Lee of the Nerves, a band that also included Peter Case, a favorite songwriter of mine. The Nerves were a short-lived power pop band in the 70s.

So my song is about texting and ghosting, updating the stalker vibe of the original.

The original had quick lyrics crammed into the lines, so I tried to pick up the feel of the verses. I didn't rip off the melody of the original too much, I don't think.

#retro #powerpop #blondie


It’s been all day and I can’t put down the phone
I’m texting you and I’m feeling all alone
Every 10 seconds I look for your reply
If I don’t see it I start to wonder why

Don’t ghost me now
I need you somehow

Is your boyfriend going through your phone
Does he see the things you write when you’re alone
I got no messages since late last night
I waiting for the words you type

I’m texting you at least 20 times a day
There seems to be so much for me to say
I’m waiting here waiting for your reply

I’m waiting for your reply
I’m waiting for your reply
I’m waiting for your reply


I'm really digging this vibe! It's like a modern refresh which hits the intent perfectly. I very much enjoyed this!


Cool, dig that clean lead guitar tone.
The bass sounds great too.
Really like the harmony vocals.
It has a Retro but current sound.


cool job, I've been waiting for a song about being ghosted. melody is great too, nice job catchy tune.


Oh the teenage years just passed by waiting for the telephone to ring telling everybody they could not use it (YEAH I AM THAT OLD) :)


Digging this definite 70's pop feel, such fun guitar licks and chord progressions. Works for me lyrically as a response, and I'm giggling at the ghosting chorus. Well done!


im hearing more slick new wave than blondie punk here, which is smart on your part, as the social media addicts are way more into being cool than being tough. your song fits nicely into todays mindset of virtual obsession, and i love your use of the ghosting concept. debbie sounded like a pissed off woman when she sang hangin on the telephone. and your character has more of today's nihilistic defeatism in his tone. good job spanning the decades.