Terms of Service

by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

If you've read any terms of service, you'll know which of these are real and which I made up. Some of the real ones might scare you a bit...

A bit of an experiment here - I often use #band_in_a_box to try ideas (especially when away from an instrument) but here I thought I'd try making the bass and drums in Band-in-a-Box then adding an 8 string #ukulele. I'm not sure I like the resulting sound (it doesn't really fit with the uke to my ears, maybe I should have picked a different one with less finicky tuners...) but still, the experiment was fun to do. #fuc


Welcome to our web site, there's plenty to enjoy
So much information and a few cool toys
But when you use it you have to make the choice
To abide by our terms of service

We are allowed to read your private chat
Here, have a cookie and realise that
Your browser history will be tracked
That's in our terms of service

We can tell our partners who you are
Something about advertising blah blah blah
You probably haven't bothered reading this far
But that's our terms of service

We'll keep your data, and we want some more
Install this implant so we can read your thoughts
Or else we'll mail your mother and tell her what you bought
That's in our terms of service

Your first born is ours, you're under our control
Click this button and we own your soul,
And don't try to claim that you weren't told
You agreed to our terms of service

Yes when you signed up for your account
You agreed to our terms of service
When you listen to this song
You agree to our terms of service

Fabulous. I am a frequent oeroetrator of biab uke rock and this is solid.


Made my day! I always knew I sell my soul to Satan when I click consent. Next chart toping song would be GDPR followed by the cookie consent bonus track!

😂 Reminds me of a software event I attended some years ago. The organizers smuggled in a joke clause into the terms of service people had to acknowledge to use the location's wi-fi. Apparently we all agreed to clean the toilets after the event.